[Rozengracht, Amsterdamn, August 11, 2002. 04:33am, scribbled on a napkin.]

“Just as we equally think that we’re so important on this earth, and we are, we’re all as well so equally unimportant on this earth. We’re all a silly joke. We’re all God*s jokes. So let’s have some fun. Let’s live that.

You see? oneROOTS is just an idea that humans can do better. Way better. Because we’re humans. We’re also doing a lot worse, currently, because we’re humans. But no matter how stupid a man is, you can always layer thru ignorance and come to his senses. We’re humans after all. We have clever, intelligent brains. We have that gift of reasoning and understanding. We’re just lazy as hell. We need reminders. We need to be reminded to treat others as we would like to be treated. Always. Every fucking day. Treat each man that you meet as if he was a king and each woman as a queen; and always hold yourself to that level, as a king or a queen. Mutual respect.

Faith in the flawed who are perfect, as we are, we carry onwards and upwards.

Coz we have it. We want it. Deep inside. To see things get better. Few are the ones that are radical. Most of us are just pure goodness. Amazing people doing amazing shit. We have this chance, as we live and breathe, to make this place, and ourselves, better. And we need to massage that. Let that out. To show to ourselves who we really are. Humans and humanity. All one with so many cultures and so many roots. So many, but still one. oneROOTS. Seen?”

*The reference to God is a cultural reference point. The reader does not need to believe in the joke to understand it.