VukovART Street Art Festival, Croatia 2021

VukovART street festival in Vukovar (Croatia) has just wrapped up its fifth edition held from 15th May to 15th June 2021

The invited street artists to Vukovar, included Boa Mistura from Spain, BustArt from Switzerland, Jana Brike from Latvia, Juandres Vera from Mexico, Mr Woodland from Germany, Victor Splash from Russia, Artez from Serbia, Kerim Mušanović from Bosnia, Herzegovina from Croatia and Marion Ruthardt from Germany!

Vukovar is a city in eastern Croatia. It contains Croatia’s largest river port, located at the confluence of the Vuka and the Danube. The name Vukovar means ‘town on the Vuka River‘ (Vuko from the Vuka River, and vár from the Hungarian word for ‘fortress’). 

Jana Brike from Latvia painted a big blue drawing, the image originally from one of her blue sketchbook diaries.

Serbian artist Artez’s mural ‘Surprise Yourself’ includes his trademark potted plant!

Boa Mistura from Spain mural OSTAJEMO / (We stay) …

BustArt from Switzerland smashed this 11 by 12 meter wall in 3.5 days! the mural called Kiss by the Danube…

Juandres Vera from Mexico, paints in 3D the mural.

“As you can see this mural is a sequence of the previous one on the same location (Bloomorphosis 2017), but also is linked to the concept of the well known painting “The mind is the beast (me, myself and I)” I did for Magic City, Dresden, Germany in 2016. The main idea was to make an allegory of the city of Vukovar as a young girl who depicts the creative and artistic spirit of the festival that year by year has been transforming these walls in a beautiful open gallery since 2017. It was a pleasure being invited again to this wonderful street art festival in Croatia but overall a great joy to meet again with some old friends and new colleagues as well.” Juandres Vera

 Great to see the mural named The Heart is the Commander (We, ourselves and us) at this wonderful angle.

Mr Woodland from Germany mural was called ‘Inseparable’, 

Victor Splash from Russia 3D mural is called “Everything is on the surface” 3D mural.

“Design is a tool for the improvement of humanity, it is the basis for life.
The exterior of a building has a big impact on how people feel in an urban environment. It is important for me that the design that I am doing is a continuation of the building, but at the same time it boldly declared about its new image: “Hello everyone, imagine it was so possible.” Victor Splash

 Kerim Mušanović from Bosnia and Herzegovina painted a 3D artwork titled “Strawberry Flavour.”

 Šumski from Croatia takes a brain to another dimension with his mural ‘Portal’.

Marion Ruthardt from Germany paints an anamorphic Lipizzan Horse named Favory!

“The reason was, last year I got a request from Voigtsberg, Austria, where the horses are bred for the Spanish riding school in Vienna. This job was cancelled, because of Covid, but I fell in love with this race. So I informed myself, and learned, these horses are not originally bred in Austria but in Slowenia. Even in Dakova, very close to Vukovar, is a big lipizzan ergestüt. So that gave me a good reason, to paint this horse for the festival.” Marion Ruthardt

Photo credit VukovART

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