Street Artist Ador Paints Penguins in Palestine, 2019

French artist Ador has recently spent time in the old town of Anabta in Palestine, having been invited by ABJC association in Bouguenais.

The ABJC association foster friendships and solidarity, with partners from different countries to promote fundamental rights in the world through numerous intercultural and intergenerational exchanges. The Twinned Youths represent 14 – 25 years old of ABJC. Their goal is to partner up with the twinned cities of Bouguenais; Ginsheim-Gustavsburg (Germany), Yene (Senegal), El Tuma la Dalia (Nicaragua), Anabta (Palestine) and Siria (Romania).

Ador was invited to paint in the twinned city of Anabta, one of the oldest municipalities located just 9km east of Tulkarem. Anabta hosts a modern, bustling town centre with quirky shops and restaurants, and a quiet historic quarter.

Ador decided to paint penguins on many walls around Anabta.  Ador chose Penguins as they are migratory birds, and have to move due to their climate changing.

Check out the images below…

“Thank you ABJC and all the team in Anabta for sharing those great moments.” Ador



Photo Credit Ador

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