Banksy’s Back in Bristol for Valentine’s Day, 2020

A new mural appeared in Bristol yesterday with the trademarks of a Banksy. The mural was found on Marsh lane in Barton Hill, an area known for music and arts.

The new mural depicted a young girl wearing a headscarf firing her slingshot, she hits her target and creates a striking red flower explosion.

The bouquet of flowers includes red roses in the centre, a valentine staple, that crawls out to a red sprayed ivy.

There are also red flowers with a sprayed black centre, perhaps the Poppy used to symbolize peace, death and sleep, placed on the ‘Marsh Lane’ signpost.

Banksy confirmed the piece was his at midnight ready for Valentine’s Day 2020. A special date (14th February) that celebrates love, affection and friendship in many ways across the world. A date that the world needs to see more of than ever.

Photo credit Banksy

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