A Sculpture from the fifth dimension, Ural public art festival CHӦ, Russia 2021

Sculptor Roman Ermakov created his El Skyscraper artwork for Ural public art Festival CHӦ in Ekaterinburg, Russia.

The seemingly unstable colourful assembly addresses the viewer about the importance of balance and one’s adaptability to changing circumstances.

Roman Ermakov’s solidified abstraction has morphed into a remarkable urban sculpture that is now taking its turn to transform its surroundings.

El Skyscraper is comprised of 17 colourful shapes with the artwork’s total height reaching 6 metres.

The vibrant colours of the artwork stand out against a backdrop of greenery from the park.

However, currently, it has a white background sue to the snow…

Roman’s latest creation is a part of his Dancing Axis of the Fifth Dimension sculpture series.

These artworks depict living beings, emotions, and states that inhabit the fifth dimension. Their world puts no limit on morphogenesis; thus, the characters can transform, change their colours and composition. In our dimension, these creatures are affected by gravity that locks the shapes they had upon arrival and turns them into sculptures. Earlier, the Dancing Axis of the Fifth Dimension series has been exhibited in Moscow.

Moscow artist Roman Ermakov developed the concept of this artwork in line with the motto of CHӦ public art festival of standing firmly on one’s feet. This, as well as all his other artworks, share the themes of movement and inner harmony.

“Due to the particular way the elements are assembled, the sculpture simultaneously appears both stable and unstable. This expresses the core idea that true stability lies in flexibility rather than in rigidness. The more adaptive our response is to new circumstances, the more stable our life is overall,” Roman

Thus, through El Skyscraper the artist demonstrates that stability is based on balance and asks the viewer to be flexible in their actions.

Russia is currently
experiencing a rise in street culture as public art, street art, and urban
sculpture festivals are flourishing. Artists are able to create more complex
artworks, both visually and metaphorically. Due to street culture evolving,
there is a newfound cultural and aesthetic diversity of artworks that wasn’t
present a decade ago. The availability of resources, open-minded audience and
the will to develop bold artworks is what sets Russia apart in the
international arena.

CHӦ festival is organized by Atomstroycomplex.

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