“A Presidential Parody” Hits Trump Tower and Neighboring Sites

A Presidential Parody continued to make its way around town on Sunday — despite the steady rain — with stops at Trump Tower and neighboring sites. A brief interview, edited and paraphrased, with New Yorker actor/creator Maia Lorian, who conceived and enacted — along with Enormvs Muñoz and kelci greenway — Sunday’s gorilla art performance, follows:

What inspired this particular chapter of A Presidential Parody?

It’s been over a month now since my dear mother’s funeral. A Zoom funeral. I am now parentless. I worked on the image showcased today — from creation to ad takeover — during the last days of my mother’s life. My piece is an ode to my mother who taught me to express myself regardless of who may try to muffle my voice or obstruct my path. It is also in honor of every other life tragically lost during the Trump presidency.

In what way does this current piece — both the ad takeover and the performance — differ from some of your former ones? Your other pieces seemed lighter. And despite your playful costume, it is quite intense.

Yes, it is darker than my previous works as it was largely created during a time of virtual vigils and FaceTime goodbyes.

This performance piece also entails a procession. Can you tell us something about that?

Yes. The funeral march was inspired by my mom’s Zoom funeral. During normal times, one can see who’s at a funeral, and whoever is there can offer condolences. But I was left to grieve alone, unable to speak to anyone who attended.

We last spoke over a year ago. Have you any further thoughts on the state of our nation?

The country’s become a dumpster fire. It is in dire danger. Watching the Trump debacle unfold has been too next level. It’s time for the Demon Cheeto to go! So much of the Trump headlines have become a distraction from what is happening during these gravely dangerous times.

What do you see as your personal mission in these dire times?

To arouse others to replace the distraction by voting Trump out of office and to continue to fight. We must keep on trying, or things will only get worse. The world right now is made up of people laughing and crying at the same time. I’d like to unite us all with laughter, since we all may be crying on the inside.

And what’s ahead for you?

I will keep on creating. I will use my privilege to subvert, and hope my mom and dad are up above, watching and protecting.

Thank you for what you are doing. And I am sorry for your loss.

Note: Maia’s wonderful wings were created in collaboration with Matt Siren

Photo credits: 1 Courtesy of Maia Lorian 2-7 Lois Stavsky 

Source: Street Art NYC